All about the journey

I absolutely hate tiny spaces where you quite possible could get stuck. It gives me the creeps. I like to see my exit and be able to move. My trip to the Cederberg mountains in South Africa was definitely a challenge for me. With a big truck the group was taken into the wilderness. We…

grand canyon

Peeking in from above

This is me a few years ago, high above the Grand Canyon. It’s almost as if you’re looking down upon a different world when look over the edge. It’s so big, so wide… almost surreal.  


The city as a museum

I’m discovering Christchurch bit by bit. I’m comfortable in my new place, with my new job and my new gym. I love biking to work every morning and only hope that the crazy winds that show up in the afternoon will work with me instead of against me. I feel at home in a city…