Dining with the sandflies

Then the bright orange arrow points straight to the river. I’m slightly confused. I am standing in a big open space, walking on the rocks of the riverbed. The river looks inviting, but I know it will be cold. At the end the river splits, leaving no room for me to walk. Am I supposed…


Details of the Australian bush

To go for a bushwalk you often don’t even need to go too far from the city. Around Sydney there are a few beautiful walks that make you feel like you’re not near the city at all. Here are some details from my walks in the Royal national park and on North Head near Manly.…


Weekly photo challenge: Scale

After walking to this waterfall I took many pictures of it. In most you couldn’t tell if it’s a just a little stream, or the massive waterfall it is, especially since it’s so thin. This water may be thin, but it is also 41 meters high. Next to it, I feel small. It wouldn’t even…


Testing the point and shoot

I bought a new tough camera and today I took it out for a test. It was a gorgeous day, although a little windy. At Breeze Col it was more like Stormy Col. The wind was blowing the tall grasses against the mountainside as I descended towards the beach of Taylor’s mistake. After a quick…

Tick, tick, tick, boom

Tick, tick, tick. I don’t even know what time it is! It’s more like: boom, another day flew by. Boom! Another week gone. And suddenly it’s February and I’m wondering what happened with January. The year is progressing at warp speed and once again it’s decision time. Three years ago I left my country to start…


Hanmer’s highest

For my second day in Hanmer Springs I had a longer walk planned, the climb to Mt. Isobel, the best viewpoint in the area. My muscles were already slightly complaining and I hesitate for a brief moment. Should I even go? When the road to the start of the track turned out to be a…



Newcastle, just north of Sydney, is a very Industrial city. It is well known coal for its coal that gets shipped everywhere. The harbour is a fascinating place to visit and look how the massive ships get in and out. This fisherman’s got it.