Picture perfect: Sandakan

The few sights in Sandakan are quite spread out. But a walk around the center gives you an idea of the town. It is more about letting the culture sink in.


As a white girl you’ll notice that people are yelling at you at every corner. As if the stares aren’t enough! I can deal with the “Hello taxi?’, but does every man in this town, especially those in groups, have to say something. Being in a place where you don’t look like the natives you already feel insecure. But it doesn’t matter how much you try to adapt, you will feel different and people will treat you differently anyway.




On the central market the fresh fish comes straight from the boats. There are baskets and benches with fish. Every now and then you hear the bang of a knife hitting the bench. People sit around looking bored. Next to them are little cabinets with meat. When a customer arrives a knife appears. You can just point to how much you want to buy.


The fishermen’s boats are small. They are preparing to go back out to sea.



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