Shut up, Bob

Casual short-term jobs are a good way to make lots of money quick. Find out which festivals and events are coming up in the area. They might need someone to help out. This is how I ended up working at Sydney’s Royal Easter Show. It was full on for two weeks, but at the end I got rewarded with load of cash in my hands.

royal easter showAll I did was eat, work and sleep. There was no time for a social life. At 9 AM me and my colleague started working. We stood in a trailer from which we sold perfumes, not the genuine kind, but the imitations. The day starts with refilling the shelving. Most of the time it was just us, but sometimes the bosses would come and help out. Then one of them would grab the microphone and try to lure customers to our shop.

If the bosses were out, a tape would play. Over and over again we heard the same riddle. “Only 20 dollars. Don’t miss out on this one.” After a while we even named the recording. His name is Bob. You could hear us sigh: “O shut up Bob!” At least we got to serve customers when Bob was around. Whenever the boss was selling, we were only there to refill.

The days were long, often 10 hours, and we were constantly standing. So we entertained ourself with people watching. Behind us was the wood chopping arena, so every now and then we were lucky enough to see a hot chopper guy. Then there are the typical farmers that walked right out of series like Mcleod’s Daughters. And then there are all those other people, hunting for showbags and visiting the dog pageants. At the end of the two weeks I was paid cash in hand. All of a sudden it was very rewarding.



Where? Sydney
For how long? 14 days in a row
Funfactor? Fun when there are customers, pretty dragging when you’re waiting for them to come, which is often!
Money? $15 an hour, cash
Found at? gumtree


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