Eating out: 95 Keerom

In Cape Town there are many affordable restaurants. On a budget you can eat like a king. So one day I decided to go to a fancy restaurant. In my home country I would get an average meal. For the same price I feel like royalty in Cape Town.

The restaurant was called 95 keerom, named after the street. ‘Keer om’ means as much as ‘turn around’ but there is really no reason for fear. At the entrance we were greeted and seated right away. There was even someone to help me get onto my chair, like with fancy people. For a moment I had my doubts. Did I really want to eat in such a fancy place?

The chef came to talk about the menu, which was half in Italian and half in unintelligible English. All of the pasta and bread is freshly made and the chef can give you some pointers as to how the meat should be cooked. Decadent as the night was, we decided to go for an entrée, main course and desert. Once we had approved the wine, we were ready to go.

My entrée was a pasta dish, followed by a main of game meat. I had kudu, wildebeest and Springbok in olive oil and rosemary. Very nice! Only at the desert something had gone wrong. My desert had exploded before it reached our table, so they offered to make a new one for me. When it arrived I got a sort of white chocolate cake that was still liquid inside. Trés Yummie!

We almost had to be rolled back to the car and left with good memories and satisfied stomachs and taste buds. This delicious meal was one to be remembered. In Cape Town living like a queen is possible, even for a backpacker!

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