Wild Wiener schnitzel

Where better to enjoy a Wiener schnitzel than in Vienna? When in Vienna, you go all out. One has to eat right? In the guide books of Vienna you’ll find heaps of restaurants to go to, but there is one I would recommend to all schnitzel lovers and adventurers. Figlmüller.

You’ll find Figlmüller around the St. Stephen’s Cathedral, in one of the little Streets surrounding the square. The restaurant is famous in Vienna, and for good reason. They serve a gigantic Wiener schnitzel. If you want to make sure you can have your try at eating one, you should make a booking in advance.

wiener schnitzelSince I arrived without a booking I got lucky. Some people on another table didn’t mind me and my grandma joining them. Without knowing too much about it I ordered the big ass schnitzel. The waiter started laughing, especially when I also ordered a side dish of potatoes. When our table companions got their food I understood why. Surely my schnitzel wasn’t going to be that big!

But mine arrived soon after that. 30cm in diameter. I dare you to take a measuring tape and see how big that actually is. It was a schnitzel for 4 or 5 people! I looked at the fellas on my table and we wished each other good luck. None of us could actually finish it. I mean, you couldn’t even see the plate it was served on! It is worth going to this restaurant only to see the schnitzels, but be an adventurer, take the plunge. They’re very tasty and if you can’t finish, there is aways the doggie bag.

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