To ski or not to ski

Have you always liked skiing and boarding? Or would you like to give it a try? Here’s good news for you: Australia has snow! Many people don’t know it, but there is a small area called the Snowy Mountains, where they’ve got snow for about three months a year. Don’t imagine mountains like Canada or Austria, or the snow that comes with it, but it is definitely a good way to get into the world of ski bums, have some fun and save some money for your time in Australia.

DSCN2647If you would like a job at a resort, you have to be early to decide. There is a whole process to it. Send your application forms and letters in January/February (even though winter doesn’t start till June). From here the waiting starts. Around April you’ll here if you have succeeded in getting an interview. Most companies hold their interviews in a major city on a certain date. You’ll be there with a lot of applicants and you won’t hear if you are successful until a couple of weeks after that.

Driving to the ski fields

Driving to the ski fields

After hearing you can come to the snow to work, you’re not done yet. There is often an induction to attend in the same big city. There you’ll meet some of your colleagues, learn about the ski field and the company and what exactly you need to bring. If you’re lucky your ski field can arrange staff accommodation for you. They can also tell you which buses will be operating, because at the start and end of the season, the Snowy Mountains are hard to reach.

Have some money set apart for your first days in the ski area. Payment is usually weekly, but your first pay might only be a few days. It could also be that you follow a training prior to starting your job. Living in a ski area is expensive. Besides that there are lots of parties. If you want to, there is a chance to save though. Mostly it is about having an awesome time.

DSCN2635In the ski area, transport can be an issue. If you don’t own a car you have to carpool or hitchhike, so make friends as soon as you arrive and see who is driving to the snow. If you’re thinking of buying your own equipment there are plenty of opportunities for discounted stuff in and around the ski towns. This might be a bit cheaper than buying in Sydney or Melbourne. Generally prices in Australia are a lot higher than in Europe for example.

Last but not least, a few ski areas in Australia: Thredbo, Perisher, Mt. Buller, Mt. Hotham, Charlotte Pass, Selwyn Snowfields, Falls Creek, Ben Lomond (Tasmania). Good luck!

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