When in Bruges: must do’s

bruges 1Beer Belgium is famous for its beers. Even if you are not a beer drinker, go to café Lambrinus. The waiters are super friendly and there is heaps of choice in beers. If you’re not a fan, try a kriek, a cherry beer, or a beer cocktail. Even the food here seems to be really good, because you have to book well in advance to get a table. On this table, you’ll find a book, yes book about 6cm thick, full of different beers. They serve over 400 varieties!

bruges 2Chocolate Another one of Belgium’s favorites. Bruges has one month that is chocolate themed. There is a chocolate museum where they hold workshops during this month. One of them is a chocolate do it yourself lunch. In a small studio you could mix your own chocolate spreads and chocolate milk. There were many herbs and spices like cinnamon, ginger, honey, coffee, vanilla etc. If you were on to something really good, you could mix some more and take it home with you. The milk was made by putting real chocolate in hot milk. Isn’t this paradise! Not very healthy, but heaps of fun. In the chocolate museum you can also watch a demonstration where they  make little chocolates.

Food Sometimes you’ll find good food in strange places. I never thought I’d have the best food in the hostel where I was staying. Sacré Coeur below the Bauhaus hostel Serves proper Belgian meals like ‘stoemp’ and ‘waterzooi’. Instead of a fancy establishment, it feels more like a pub. Here you don’t have to worry you talk too loud or have a bit too much fun. If you’re staying in the hostel, you even get a free beer tasting. If you haven’t had enough yet, you can go to the hostel’s bar after that. Best idea ever!

bruges 4Begijnhof The Begijnhof is a cute little part of Bruges that feels like a totally different world. When you enter you hesitate if you can go in at all. It’s that cute. The white houses date back to 1245 and the place feels very serene. It is still inhabited by nuns and closed at night. It seems like a little town inside a city.

Walk around the city The inner city of Bruges is surrounded by a wall. Walk around this wall and you’ll see some cool old stuff like windmills next to the canal. Then stroll along the canals and get a feel for this beautiful old bruges 3city. Hop into one of the café’s for a cup of tea or a beer. Enjoy the Christmas market on the square in November/December.

Watch in Bruges The film In Bruges gives you a good picture of the city. Watch it before or after you go and see how many things you can recognize.

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