Ye old rules of Trinity College

Trinity College in Dublin was founded by the protestants as a universty for men in 1592. Later, also women and Catholics were allowed. The school has been around for a while, and so has its book full of rules. Of course it has been amended over the years, but apparently some ancient rules and regulations still apply. An example: until the 90s it was allowed to shoot a Catholic with a crossbow. Ok, the police would come and get you, but you wouldn’t be expelled.


Some students have made finding the odd rules an art form. One day, a student came to class on a horse and dressed in full armor, sort and all. He’d found out that there was an old rule that says people who come to their exams like this, presumable after battle, had the right to some food and drinks. The student did get his food and drink, but you can’t make a fool out of the board like that. After a few days the student was expelled for not minding his horse during the exam, even though this was required by that same old book of rules.

Another student came into the office of the director to claim his free glass of port. The rules said that every student had the right to a glass of port on a certain day of the year. So they had to find some port for the lad. Later though, the student got a fine for not carrying a weapon. According to the rules, every student had to carry a weapon at all times to defend the school.

IMG_3295Some other rules and legends concern the bell tower. You won’t see any of the students walking underneath it. Legend says that people who do this won’t pass their exams. Students will happily walk underneath after they’ve gratuated, but then only if they know they won’t do a master at this same school! Virgins won’t walk underneath the bells either. It is said that the bells will ring if a virgin walks through.

Daredevils can climb to the top of the tower and shout ‘trinity, trinity, trinity’. Do this and you are ruler of the university. But beware, the head of the university will be allowed to shoot you with a crossbow if you climb the tower.

Please note: None of the rules above can be proven to be true. The stories float around the city, but are these just legends and hearsay or is there still truth in them?

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