Save your memories off the internet

We live in the days of internet and computers full of our personal information. In my life, the good old notepad has not been replaced entirely though. Facebook, blogs and twitter are great ways to keep everyone at home up to date on your latest news, but while traveling, these things are not always easily accessible. I always carry a small notebook in my daypack and this has come in handy on many occasions. When you’re on a train and your laptop’s ran out of power, when you’re exploring the city and get a great idea or when you are on a tour and just want to jot down a short summary of the day.

Later on, I put all my writing in Word and on my blog, update my Facebook and store my digital photos. Even though this is great, it’s not enough for me. While I travel I collect all sorts of memorabilia;

  • memorabiliastickers
  • post cards
  • entry tickets
  • napkins with cool logos
  • wristbands
  • drawings, etc

Besides that I take so many photos that you can get lost in your own experiences. The reason I go old school and create a photo/memory album is to have all my memories combined in one place that is easy to get to.

After a trip I’ll select some of my most beautiful photos and take them to the printer. I’ll paste them in a photo album together with excerpts of my diary, cool messages I received on Facebook (printscreen), some short writing on the spot and all the silly things I’ve collected along the way. I can go a little overboard with that, since after a year of travel I bring home several folders of things I’ve cut out of magazines and taken from events. It’s these things that make my album so much more personal though.

There is nothing better than opening a book and finding all your memories in one place. I often take a look at the books I made as a teenager and laugh at my own language or the little stories I’ve forgotten about. It is also a great way to share your experience with friends and family. Even though you might think you’ve got everything right here, online, a good old photo book is a great addition to your memory portfolio. I mean, how often do you open Facebook and start reading your history? On top of that it is something you can put all your creativity in and cherish for the rest of your life.


One thought on “Save your memories off the internet

  1. I sympathise with your more traditional and analog approach to travel documentation. Apart from my wordpress account and SLR I don’t find much excitment from using digital solutions.

    I recently received a pocket sized Moleskine notebook and I highly recommend it. I usually write down translations, route directions, confirmation numbers, to-do lists, and random thoughts on the journey. Like you said, it provides a more rewarding experience when looking back at your own travel history. Great post and reminder.

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