Big balls of steel

One of Brussels landmarks can be found outside the center. So on a dreary day in January I took the metro out to the Atomium. This big silver monument was built for the world expo of 1958. It is a blown up version of the element Iron, so you’ll see 9 big, shiny balls connected by tubes. If you want you can even enter this monument. There is a permanent display about the ’58 Expo, some temporary displays and of course a restaurant. Apparently the views from the balls are pretty good too. You’ll have to pay the fee of 11 euro. This was a bit steep for me, so I decided against it.

166115_476999382863_7057018_nThe Atomium can be a good place to practise your photography skills, but unfortunately the weather on this particular day was a tad sad. Maybe that’s why I wasn’t very impressed. If you don’t go in it, it’s just a big statue. I guess it is a must do when you’re in Brussels, especially since I’ve been hearing about it since I was a kid. That crazy thing in Brussels. Maybe that was just it; I’d had expectations of grandeur as a little kid. Seeing it as an adult put it into another perspective. Or maybe I wasn’t so impressed with the surroundings. As you exit the metro you see a big parking lot and all you smell is the popcorn from the big theatre next door.

For me the Atomium was more something to cross off my list than something I really got excited about. Maybe I should have gone inside? If you have, let me know how it was!

This post is inspired by the weekly travel theme: silver

2 thoughts on “Big balls of steel

  1. This is a really beautiful piece of art (with nice science too) – and great for the theme.

    and side note here – even if you went inside you may not have been any more impressed – I think sometimes it takes a while for us to appreciate some of the grand things we encounter – and some of the art and buildings that I have seen (that are on those must see lists) well it was not until years later that something inside felt moved and I soaked the experience up in a different way. And for me, it was another reason that photos are so important. Sometimes when I look back through the pictures I can see- and feel – much more (if that makes any sense). 🙂

    anyhow, I also like the extra angles you added for this structure –

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