New Year’s Day Walk

The DART to Dublin's surroundings

The DART to Dublin’s surroundings

A friendly man helped me and my friend to tickets to Dalkey. From Dublin it’s an easy train ride away. It was quiet on the train on this New Year’s day.

Just like in the travel guides

Just like in the travel guides

In Dalkey we saw some shops, obviously closed, with a retro look. I saw them on a photo in the travel guide. I thought this little town would be a shopping paradise, but it turns out that all the shops that were there were on that one photo.

So we continued to Dalkey Castle, or the remnants of it. It wasn’t very big, but a pretty sight. New Year’s day is the perfect day for a walk and we made our way through the town just like the locals did.

Church had just finished and the people all came out. The sun was shining and the bird were whistling as if it was spring, yet a cold wind blew right through our clothes. The road let us to the sea, past huge houses with long driveways.

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After our walk we treated ourselves to nice hot tea with a muffin at the local café. It was filled with people wishing each other a happy new year. If you listened carefully, you could hear a few other tourists that had made their way into town.

The DART train took us out to Dun Laoghaire, where we visited the pier and small harbor. New Year’s day brought people outside. It was chilly though, so we were happy to get back to our warm hostel.

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