Let’s go to Big Sur!

The Thrills sang about Big Sur and the song was playing in my head when I got on the bus to the Big Sur area. I was staying in picturesque Monterey and didn’t have a car. A small bus took me out of town and into the Big Sur. On my way there I made a stop at Carmel by the sea, a town with lots of galleries and generally a cute town. It is filled with trees and small colourful houses. The sea was wild and I enjoyed staring at the waves, seeing them crashing into the rocks.

Cute house in Carmel by the sea

The next bus took me further into nature. There were three other people on it, of which one was taking photos just like me. The coast looked spectacular, but photos from the bus never turn out that great. We passed a big bridge and saw lots of police around it. Turned out someone had jumped. At the end of the line the bus waited for 20 minutes before returning. I met an English guy and we started talking. He had no clue either where exactly he was going and where the bus would stop.

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Together we got off at Pfeiffer state park where we did two walks. We had to climb and my new mate was a fast walker. We saw a waterfall before climbing even more and enjoying a vista of the valley. We saw deer and birds on our walk. The birds were blue with a crest on their heads.

A great view

Since we had some time left we decided to walk down towards the sea as well. It was a long road, meant for cars. It was worth it. The wind blew sand all over us, but the sea was awesome. The small beach was surrounded by big Cliffs and there were lots of rocks in the water.

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The tricky part was getting back to Monterey. If we had to walk back to the bus stop we would never make it. I would have loved to enjoy the beach longer, but it was time to start hitchhiking. There were enough cars there, but the first few were looking at us hesitantly. Then we met some Germans and they happily took us to the bus stop. On the bus we saw the sun reflecting in the sea. It was a spectacular ending to a great day.


3 thoughts on “Let’s go to Big Sur!

    • Always careful, I’d rather not hitch if there are other options, but sometimes you find yourself in a situation where you don’t know what else to do. Thanks for the compliment! 🙂

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