Love is in the city

Love is in the air city. It’s in the bricks of the buildings. It’s in the cobbled Streets. It’s in the trees shedding their colored leaves.It’s in the warmth of the cafés and the friendly faces within them. To me, Bruges in autumn is a truly romantic city. It is the ultimate city for walking and wandering arounnd for hours, being amazed by the cute buildings and inviting cafés.

I love the colors of the buildings. Even on a cold day, they make the city feel warm. You’ll find details everywhere; in the old buildings, the gates and fences. The boats on the canals add some more love to the city. If you get cold after all, there are plenty of lovely places to hide in and warm up with a hot cuppa.


Still not convinced? Here’s the prove: Bruges is a city full of love!


My post is inspired by the travel theme Romance on Where’s my backpack? Check it out for more romantic places.


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