Kick-start the Adelaide Fringe

The Fringe has come back to town. Every year in February, Adelaide goes show crazy. Whether it’s circus or comedy you’re after, there’s something for everyone. I was lucky enough to have a night off on Saturday to go to a comedy gig. Gordon Southern played at the Rhino Room with a brand new show called Your new favourite comedian. Is he my new favourite? He’s my new favourite British one, although I couldn’t name any others…


The show was awesome! The inspiration for the title comes from the band The Hives, who have an album called Your new favourite band. I love the album and the band, so I immediately felt a connection to the show. Completely in Hives-style, Gordon appeared in black and white and threw some Hives music and moves into the comedy mix. He made introductions not only about himself, but also about the band for the people who hadn’t heard of this group before. This complete with impersonations of the artists.

The show continued with a little time travel through Gordon’s adult life, from being a waiter to being here in Adelaide. I loved that he incorporated so much of Adelaide into the show, making references to the churches, the houses, the Australians and his first performance on the Fringe years ago. Being a pohm (as the Australians call the English) he used the differences between Australia and England, especially their accents and ways, very well.

Gordon’s energy was catching and I was constantly at the edge of my seat waiting for what was coming with a big grin on my face. The venue was rather small, which made for an intimate show and there was heaps of interaction with the audience. As usual, the front row got the most of it, but it wasn’t nasty. People often think comedians always make fun of others, but Gordon included the audience without making them feel awkward. All in all it was a great show and as I said, my smile became a permanent facial feature. This was a good start to the Fringe festival and now I’m eager to see more. Definitely worth your while this one!


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