Ancient Australian Art

Western society in Australia is young. Australia is filled with modern buildings, its streets wide and accommodating to our current lifestyles. Narrow streets like in the European cities from the middle ages are nonexistent. To me, many buidings lack the character, the charm that I see in the old cities around Europe, but everything is just more practical for the way we live these days.

This doesn’t mean Australia’s got nothing ancient to offer. Ancient human activity can be seen everywhere, as long as you keep your eyes open. Art, thousands of years old, is hidden within the Australian landscape and cannot be missed on a trip to the Northern Territory or Western Australia.

Kakadu national park

Just off the Victoria Highway, you can enter a walk into the Gregory National Park on the Joe Creek picnic area. The walk leads towards an escarpment filled with old paintings and carvings.



Another good spot for art and nature lovers is the Kimberley. This remote, rough area has some of the most famous paintings in Australia. These were found along the Gibb River Road.

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