Down into Sesriem Canyon

Namibia is a big country with a lot of natural beauty. Sesriem canyon is a relatively small canyon, compared to for example Fish River Canyon, yet it’s a beautiful place to stop on a roadtrip through Namibia. You might be on your way to the famous dunes in the Sossusvlei, but don’t just race past this little beauty. You can walk into the canyon to explore it. It’s only 1km long, so not very strenuous. The canyon seems small, but wider than expected when you enter it. When looking at it from above, you barely notice it is there.

The canyon, hidden in the dry landscape

Even though it’s a short walk, it can be rocky at times. Small stones are scattered over the floor at one point, sand takes over at the next. The canyon was formed by a river, so you are walking on the river bed. During periods of heavy rain part of the canyon can fill up with water.

The rocky floor

The rocky floor

Happy shots at the canyon

The walk into the canyon starts with a descent. The canyon is about 30 meter deep. It is wide at the start, but get a bit narrower as you continue, up to about 1m wide. Erosion has sculpted the rock like a true artist and I found myself looking up and around me all the time, meanwhile stumbling over the rocks. It is a perfect stop to stretch the legs after a long drive and be reminded of why you’re making your way through miles of nothing.

Looking up at the sky from Sesriem Canyon


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