Booking frustrations

Why can booking flights be so stressful? It’s lovely when you don’t care where you’re going and you stumble across a cheap fare and book it in the spur of the moment. It’s less lovely when you know you want to travel on a certain date, because your visa is about to expire, and the only cheap fares are two days later.

I spent the last six weeks checking websites for flights to New Zealand on a daily basis. I found out that fare I saw on the very first day only went up during those weeks. In the third week a sale came on, but obviously not in the week I wanted to travel, be only three weeks before or three days after. Normally I would have happily gone three days later, but I don’t want to risk not being allowed to come back into Australia because I’ve enjoyed their hospitality for two days after my visa expired.

Then another sale came on and I got all excited, but again it ended in a letdown. I was about to give up hope, blaming myself for not booking back then, when the price was reasonable, although much higher than I’d expected. And then this morning I started my computer, did my routine check, blinked my eyes once again to see if they weren’t halucinating… there it was. A cheap flight! I didn’t know how quickly I could hit the ‘book’ button. But  it’s done. I finally feel like it’s official now.

I’m going to New Zealand!

My first stop will be Christchurch, the city that is still being rebuilt. Hopefully I can find a good car and drive down towards Wanaka to find a job in the skifield. I plan to stop along the way, not missing Mt Cook and the Fiordland. Any tips are more than welcome, from must see’s to good eats and quirky places. Let me know! I’m excited!


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