Fringe in the mall: photos

March is festival month in Adelaide. Every weekend there are at least 4 festivals going on, varying from theatre to sports and music. Last long weekend was the street theatre festival as part of the bigger Fringe Festival. Street performers from all over the world were performing on set times and numerous random people, some actually talented, tried their luck in the mall.

How cool would it be to travel the world performing wherever you go. Then again, how hard would it be? It seems like people are only too eager to watch, but when the hat goes around for donations it takes a while before people step up. Then there’s the question of how much to give the peformers. I wonder how they make a living off it.

Anyway… there was a good atmosphere in the mall and I’d like to share some photos from the acts I saw.

Perky & Fiddle the garden gnomes

Ready for the show to start

Ready for the show to start


Pancho Libre


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