Camping at Spitskoppe

There are many ways of camping in style. Style is a flexible word and is interpreted in many ways by different people. This time the style was far from glamping, but not in any less glamorous surroundings.

spitskoppe  3

Spitskoppe is a group of rocks in the middle of the desert. They stand out and you can see them from afar. My camping experience at Spitskoppe was almost like wild camping. The bushcamp had a small cubicle with a type of netting as a wall. This was the long-drop toilet, constantly occupied by dozens of flies. And that sums up the facilities for the night.

We pitched tents and went on a walk guided by a local. He wasn’t a very experienced guide, but an expert on the area. He explained a bit about the click language of Africa, showed us the buttertree which juices are used for skin conditions and took us to a wall with rock art.

Before sundown we were back at camp to climb one for the big rocks. From the top, beer in hand, we watched the beautiful sunset over the endless desert landscape. After such a relaxing moment, the climb down in the dark was a bit challenging, especially since some parts were quite steep. With team effort everybody made it back safely.

A fire was lit and dinner prepared. I love sitting around a fire at night, chatting and reflecting on the day, star gazing. In this area we were completely alone. This was a well-known landmark in the desert and we were the only ones admiring it. The only light came from the fire and the sky, the rest was darkness. I slowly fell asleep watching the fire, satisfied by another day in Namibia.

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