Man meets nature

Singapore is a crazy city, full of shopping malls and extraordinary places. A place I loved is gardens by the bay. This is not just any garden, but one full of artificial super trees. It is a bizarre sight, the manmade trees surrounded by fields of grass. The trees are about 25 tot 50 meters high and inside the structures grow actual plants. If you want you can take an elevator to the top of one of the trees and walk across the walkway to go back down on the next tree.

This week Ailsa’s travel theme is gardens. Check out more entries to this challenge here on Where’s my Backpack?

9 thoughts on “Man meets nature

  1. these are so amazing – what great shots you took. and hope you do not mind, but I am going to link this to fee’s past “fun foto” challenge, which was man-made objects. Because this si so great. and I know you are busy – but you should think about entering some of your photos into some WP challenges. It is a fun way to share some really great shots (which you have so many of). 🙂 ~y.

  2. Singapore is a crazy place – so much new man-made objects! I love these ‘trees’ though – thanks for introducing me to them 🙂
    Jude xx

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  4. I love these gardens! I saw them while they were under construction from our hotel room in the Marina Bay Sands, read up about them on and then got the chance to go back soon after they opened. The super-trees are amazing, and then next time I go I want to walk on the elevated walkway. I captured a photo of the trees for my post too.

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  6. That’s something I missed when I visited my family in Singapore… I hope I’ll be able to see it next time. I bet in the evening, with the lights, it must be gorgeous

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