Wandering minds

Have you ever been so excited about something that it’s constantly on your mind? That’s how I feel about landing myself a ski job in New Zealand this winter. I was eagerly waiting for the day the job applications open, marking them in my agenda. While the opening day hasn’t even come yet for one resort, I’ve scored an interview for another.

There are so many people who want exactly the same. I can’t stop being excited I’ve made it one step closer and at the same time I worry I get too excited, because I’m not nearly there yet. My mind keeps drifting off to the mountains, imagining what it’s like in New Zealand, but I’m not there yet. In my head I am already in a job I do not have.

Then there was the interview. Because I’m not in NZ yet, I could do the interview on Skype. I had to prepare a five-minute speech about a goal I have set for myself and have achieved. I talked about blogging! The questions they asked were basic. What did I know of the mountain and programs? Why would I like to come there? It felt awkward talking over Skype, but I hope I made a good impression.

Now the anxious times can start again, waiting for the verdict. Will I get my dream job or not? It’s just excrusiating. And yet I cannot stop dreaming, so I close my eyes now and rush down the mountain.


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