Pedal power: Ruissalo

In the Netherlands I own three bicycles. I use them to go to work, to go to the shops or to visit friends. It’s my main mode of transportation. While travelling I don’t often get the chance to go on a bike ride and when I do, it can get quite uncomfortable. All of that is forgotten when you are cruising through a gorgeous area like Ruissalo.

Cycling on Ruissalo

Cycling on Ruissalo

Ruissalo is a small island that is connected to the Finnish city of Turku  by a bridge. The first bit of the ride is quite boring, but that is made up for as soon as you enter the island. Finland is known for its beautiful nature and there are many areas where you can enjoy the peace and quiet. I entered a world of forest and singing birds and immediately understood why the islands are a popular holiday destination.

I passed sheep and goats, empty beaches, cute houses and occasionally a man walking a dog. It immediately got me in the mood. I wanted to get off my bike every few meters to take a photo of a new view. I didn’t know which way to turn my head. At the other end of the island was a fancy resort with golf court and marina. Close to that was a small path through the trees that led to a small beach where I enjoyed looking out over the water and the other islands in the archipelago.

They way back was somewhat tiring, through the slightly sloping landscape. At the botanical gardens I made a stop at the café for tea and cake, and admired the exotic plants. It was nice to give my bum a rest.

ruissalo 10


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