Too close for comfort

Oh, the excitement. After a night of bushcamping, there was a toilet on the picnic site where we had breakfast. I was one of the first to check it out. It just turned out that I wasn’t the only one in there. As I lowered to sit down on the toilet seat, something caught my attention in the corner of my eye. “Aaaaah, what the…” A brownish snake was slithering in my direction from behind the water reservoir, a bit too close for my comfort. I didn’t know how fast to get out of that cubicle. Next door, in the boys toilet, I hear someone laughing.

It took me a while to catch my breath, but then I decided to have another look. I couldn’t find anything though, and neither could anyone else in the group that had gathered around the toilet now. I couldn’t have imagined it, could I? I definitely saw something. A while later another girl came back from the toilet. “Yeah, there definitely is a snake.” It probably wasn’t dangerous, but I sure hope I scared it as much as it scared me. Suddenly going to the ‘toilet’ out in the bush wasn’t so bad anymore.

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