Looking back at my time in Oz

On the 14th of February 2012 I set my first steps in Asia on a stopover in Taiwan. The excitement to start my big adventure was subdued by a nasty break up, but I tried to enjoy everything as much as I could. About a week later I landed in Sydney, where I ended up staying for over three months.

Now, I’ve spent nearly two years in Australia and visited some other places in the meantime. Two years is a long time. Have I done everything I wanted to? No, not exactly. I haven’t even visited the famous East Coast yet. What others seem to be able to do in half a year, I can’t even do in two! There are many reasons for this. One of them is me being pulled back to Adelaide, where I met my boyfriend and where he lives. Another is the six months I spent on my other newfound love: skiing and working in the snow.

Do I wish I could have seen more? Of course! Do I have any regrets? Definitely not. I still intend to finish my Australian wish list someday, but I also have heaps of good experiences to look back at. I’ve had several jobs, some more exciting than others, for example unofficial translating for a big drug case. I learned to ski in a country that is never associated with snow by most people. I spend three days hiking in the Blue Mountains with a girl I’d just met. I bought an awesome red dress in Perth and I slept under the stars in the outback.

Selfie in the fog

Selfie in the fog

It’s hard for me to name a favorite part. It’s the combination of things, sights, activities and conversations that made this trip unique. I’d never expected to have deep conversations with a hostel roomie in Newcastle or that I’d ever learn how to scuba dive and ski. I guess a very special activity was scuba diving and snorkeling with Manta Rays in Coral Bay. Also, I’ve done two tours, one through the red center and one through the Kimberley. These experiences will stay with me forever.

Mostly, I’m happy with what I’ve achieved. I’m happy living the lifestyle I’m living. Everything I’ve done in the past two years, I’ve done by myself. The only support you have is via Skype and in the many people you meet that are willing to help you out. I’m proud that I’ve pushed through the times that were tough, like my 88 days on the farm. I’ve explored my boundaries, learned about myself and other people, created memories that no one will take away from me, and managed to support myself financially in doing all this. I’m looking back on two great years in Australia and I can only hope that New Zealand will be just as rewarding.


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