Pareora; family life

Travelling is all about new experiences. During one of my intense internet searches I came across Workaway. Workaway is an international platform where people can connect via volunteer work. I signed up as a volunteer and started browsing the ads. New Zealand seems like a perfect country to do this type of work.

Beautiful day at Lake Opuha

Beautiful day at Lake Opuha

There is all sorts of work to choose from: farm work, B&B’s or families that would like some help around the house. I found one of those families and set out to Pareora for a week of integrating in kiwi life. I was surprised by how open and friendly my host was from the start. My request was quite last minute, but that wasn’t a problem. I was invited to come over straight away and could sleep in her daughter’s bedroom.

From the moment I walked in, I was invited to make myself feel at home. I helped out where I could, but I never felt like I was on a job. In this particular family there was a lot of painting to do around the house. Also, I helped out with the three kids, since we were in the middle of the school holidays. My original one week stay was extended by a few days as I really enjoyed it. Unfortunately I have to make my way to Queenstown and say goodbye.

It was great to be part of a family, particularly an active one like this one. I went swimming with the kids, went to the beach for some shooting, was invited to the neighbour’s house to taste some duck, saw the kids play rugby, drove around the countryside, went out in the pouring rain to watch the waves on the beach and had an awesome day at the lake. We brought the jetski out and I had a go myself as well. It was amazing to try all these new things.

This life is far from the way I grew up and it was awesome to experience something different. Sheep, goats, dogs, cats, chickens… the animals were everywhere. I even got to jump into a bee suit to check out the hives. I had lamb and goat from their own animals and tasted some of their own honey. I had an awesome time! This is a way to see the real kiwi life!


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  2. Hi Andrea,
    We liked reading about your experience in New Zealand with one of the families on Workaway. We’d love to be able to re-post your article over on , the official blog for the site. Let us know if you would be OK with that, we’d of course link back to your blog.

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