From dorm room to Routeburn

There’s a new girl in the room.

“I’m going to do the first part of the Routeburn track, sleep in a hut, and walk back.”

“O, awesome. I’ve been looking into that.”

“Do you want to come?”

And so it happens that I will set off for the Routeburn track tomorrow, one of New Zealand’s Great Walks. From the Routeburn shelter, we will walk to the Routeburn Falls hut. Hopefully we’ll reach it well in time to do an afternoon hike up to Harris Saddle, the highest point of the tramp. We’ll sleep in the Falls hut, so we can make our way back down on Thursday morning.

The Routeburn track, image from Department of Conservation New Zealand

I’ve quickly done my washing, prepared some food and bought a rain jacket. I think I am prepared. I’m going to carry my fleece blanket on top of my sleeping bag, just in case the one isn’t enough. We’re at the start of winter, and the hut might not be heated. For me this will be the first experience of a Great Walk. I hope I can walk some of the other Great Walks in full, later on in the year. At least this will be a little taste. Supposedly, it’s het prettiest walk of all, so lets hope the weather is on our side. To be continued…


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