That’s settled

The snowing has started, covering the skylight in my new room with a layer of soft white goodness. I’ve moved into my room for the ski season. It was a bit harder than expected to find accommodation for this winter.


Every week, a town bulletin gets out with lots of accommodation advertised. Unfortunately, there are even more people looking. I thought I’d have an advantage coming early in the season, way too early actually. Well, if this is an advantage like they say it is, than I am afraid for the people who’ll arrive in a few weeks.

Queenstown is quiet now. Summer has ended, but winter hasn’t really started yet. There aren’t as many tourists and therefore not many jobs available. Nevertheless, Queenstown is full of backpackers and opportunists who are looking for work and accommodation to spend the winter here. A job at a local hostel got over 300 application in one week.

Out of every ten text messages you send to find accommodation, you might receive one answer. So far I’ve been to a handful of viewings and generally they don’t get back to you unless you’ve got the room. Really frustrating. The all say they get so many replies to their ads that they have to turn off their phones.

So I couldn’t believe my luck when I saw an ad appearing on a special Facebook page. I replied immediately and since the advertiser was still online, I made an appointment to view on the next day. The room was a bit above budget, but one of the cheaper rooms in Queenstown. It’s in a small apartment that I share with a couple. I have a small room all to myself.

The apartment’s got everything I need, including an oven so I can do some baking. I don’t need to pay for the bus, since my free bus to work stops right along this road. Furthermore, I can walk to the center of town and the supermarket is just around the corner. I am relieved to have found a place in this competitive environment.

I am ready now. Bring on winter!


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