Curiosity brought me here

I’ve finally done it. I’ve had my Fergburger. I’d already read about it before I even arrived in New Zealand. The Fergburger restaurant is an institution in Queenstown. It seems like everyone has had one and you just can’t leave without a taste.

Lets be honest. Fergburger is a fast food restaurant. They use proper products and you get a decent amount of meat, but other than that it is made in fast food factory style. Their kitchen is filled with employees who seem to assemble burgers in a line at warp speed. Furthermore, you are not actually seated, but can get a spot at a table if you’re lucky. Since it is so crowded inside, I opted to take my burger home and enjoy it in peace.

There is always a cue for this hotspot. Sometimes it takes hours before you’ve actually got a burger. I came in on a rainy/snowy evening and they were handing out free chips to people in line! The cue wasn’t even that long, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. After about 15 minutes I could order, but my first choice was sold out. Instead I opted for the original Fergburger, which is basically a standard burger with beef, lettuce, tomato, aoili, tomato relish and red onion.

Finally inside, I joined the rest of the guests in the tiny space to wait for the burger. The busy employees were shouting out numbers and names. Another 15 minutes later I walked back home, burger in hand. How was it? Delicious. Although not more special than any others. I especially like the tomato relish. In any case, it beats the big chains. I guess this is just one of those things in Queenstown you have to try for yourself.



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