Back to Vienna

When I was at home, travelling was going on short trips, city trips being one of the favorites. I’ve been away from home for a while now, and even though I’m exploring some of the most beautiful places on earth, I miss Europe. I miss the cities full of history. My last city trip was when I came home in between my first and second year in Australia. I have fond memories of this trip as I did it with my grandmother. We visited Vienna for jam-packed days of sightseeing and my grandmother had even more energy to explore the city than I did.

Vienna is a gorgeous, old city. Just walking around is like walking through a museum. There are dozens of attractions and parks to explore and even just a wander through the streets is an experience. The city breathes life and radiates history. There is a certain charm to old buildings that are well maintained and the grandeur of palaces that I simply cannot resist. Many European cities have this and it’s what I miss being in Australia and New Zealand. So here is a quick flashback of Vienna, a city that stole my heart.

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