One day in this beautiful life

I am sitting in the shade of an enormous tree. Its beautiful green leaves dangle above me, dancing in the breeze. Big towels are drying on the branches. The sun is shining and makes the pristine, blue water of the lake twinkle. This is home for the night. It’s time to set up camp and enjoy the evening with a meal and a cider. There’s a small gas cooker on our picnic table and the smell of Indian curry is filling the air, making me hungry. My boyfriend is stirring the mix of chicken, sauce and veggies, carefully tasting if it is salty enough. Behind the table is my own campervan, the slide door open. A little lamp hangs on the ceiling, a variety of sheets and blankets on the bed. On the front seat lies the road atlas, opened on the page with our next destination.

I had a glimpse of what is going to happen this summer, sleeping in my van for the first time. Admitted, winter isn’t the ideal time for camping, but I got a taste. Now I want more. I wonder to which places this van will bring me. I wonder how quickly I can make it my home. I am planning the ultimate road trip. With a car I finally have all the freedom to go when and where I want to. I want to explore all the beauty this country has to offer, including the roads less traveled. Where most rush through, I’d like to stop and explore, unwind. The fun has already begun, making a list of places, finding new destinations online.

My winter hasn’t even started yet and my head is already in summer. Maybe it’s all the waiting for the ski season to finally kick off, that makes me dream of all the things that are coming. So come on, let winter start. Give me three months of snow, kids, skiing. laughs and new friends. Then bring back my boyfriend with a whole lot of sunshine. I’m ready to explore all that this country’s got for me. Bring it on!


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