Collage: Omarama clay cliffs

The small town Omarama is on route from Mt. Cook to Queenstown. Besides a good spot to fill up on petrol, I decided to pick one of Omarama’s tourist attractions to check out. The Clay Cliffs can be seen from the highway, but are more impressive from a bit closer. Since they are on private land, you’ll have to open and close some fences to reach them. And did I mention it’s a dirt road that leads you there? Pothole fun for the whole family, especially the driver. Don’t worry, there are more tourists visiting the cliffs, so if you mess up and get car trouble, there should be someone around. The cliffs are small, but impressive. You can walk around a bit, but there are no walking tracks on the site. This is really just a nice place for a picnic, some photography and some rest.


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