I’m surprised and super excited to hear that Sarah, over at The Vagabondist, has nominated me for the Liebster award. It’s an award that goes around the blogosphere and gives bloggers the chance to show some appreciation for fellow bloggers. It’s sort of like a chain letter, wherein you have to answer some questions and nominate other bloggers, who in turn have to answer the questions you’ve got for them.  I really enjoy reading Sarah’s blog, so it was great to hear she enjoys reading mine as well.

So let me start with Sarah’s questions for me.

1. What is your dream adventure?
Right now I’m on one of my dream adventures. Working in a ski field had been a dream for a long time. After this I’ll have my chance to explore New Zealand further. I’ve got my campervan and I’m excited to get on the road. Another adventure I’d like to embark on is a ski season in Canada to experience some epic snow. But, really, if money wasn’t an issue… I’d like to explore places like Oman. I’ve recently read some things about the Arab world. Oman seems to have some amazing experiences that are completely different to what I’ve done. The culture, food and people will be different and there’s lots to explore. Also, there is meant to be some amazing scuba diving!

2. How do you feel about your hometown?
I grew up in a medium size town in The Netherlands and I will always call this home. However, it’s not the place where I want to spend the rest of my life. My hometown is just too small for me. I’ll always love to go back and I’m proud of where I’m from, but it’s more a place of my past than of my future.

3. Words to live by?
I’ve recently written a post about one of my favorite quotes ‘never fear to suffer, never hide behind a smile’. I love the simplicity of it. It basically says to be yourself, whatever the circumstances. Don’t hide, just be. Alternatively I love this sentence from the band Admiral Freebee: ‘Tomorrow i’ll have my einstein brain’. We are not all perfect!

4. What are your favorite movies or books?
Ok, my guilty pleasure is Harry Potter. Love the books! I also love to read crime books, like the adventures of Alex Cross in the James Patterson books. I love stories and so I love books and movies. I’m just not so good at remembering titles.

5.  What’s your favorite post on your blog?
Tough questions. I spent a lot of time scrolling through my own blog and I’m still not sure if I’ve found ‘the one’. In any case it’s a post I really like. Soccer in Soweto was just a great experience for me. It taught me how it feels to be different and remember it so well. It was a day in my life I wouldn’t want to have missed out on. The things that happened that day brought up a lot of emotions and I still don’t know how I feel about all that happened. It also showed me a beautiful cuture and some amazing people who took me in without even knowing me.

Group shot before the game

Group shot before the game

6. Most memorable embarrassing travel moment?
This was years and years ago, but I’m still afraid to say it out loud. It’s become a family joke that pops up out of the blue every now and then. “Are you sure you are going to the right airport?” Yes, one time I went to the wrong airport. Arriving in the departure hall I couldn’t find the airline’s check in desk. I then looked at my ticket and saw I had to be at the other airport, which was several kilometers out of town. My dad raced me over to the other airport and I still got on my flight. The worst thing was that my parents had actually asked me if I was sure about the airport. Cities with multiple airports are just the worst!

7. Are you a cat person or a dog person?
This might sound disappointing, but I’m not really a pet person. If I’d have to choose I’d go for a cat though. They are kind of cute.

8. Favorite global cuisine (ie Thai, Mexican, Italian…)?
I’d kill for some Dutch Chinese! It’s different in other countries. The babi pangang from our local Chinese restaurant is the best!

9. What’s your favorite thing about blogging?
I love writing! Always have. It’s cool that my blog gives me the chance to share what I like to do and it’s always cool to hear that someone likes it. Blogging has also taught me about great ways to do research before I travel, by looking at other blogs and things like Trover.

10. Favorite mode of transportation?
Depends on where I am, but I love it that I have a car now. I can go wherever I please and that gives an enormous sense of freedom!

I’d like to nominate the following blogs for the Liebster Award:

If you accept, please answer the following questions, nominate some blogs yourself and make up some questions for your nominees.
1. What would you like to achieve as a blogger?
2. If you received a plane ticket right now, where would it go to?
3. How do you drink your coffee/tea?
4. What is your favorite travel photo?
5. What is your favorite blog post? Please share it with us
6. What was the first country you ever visited?
7. What is the strangest thing that’s ever happened on your travels?
8. Which moment are you most proud of?
9. What item(s) can you not travel without?
10. What made you decide to travel?

Thanks Sarah!


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