How can I say I don’t miss you?

The wonderful world of Internet has changed the essence of travelling. Right now I can’t imagine travelling long-term without my computer. I can still remember going on holiday to France with my parents. We’d phone my grandparents from a public telephone and send a postcard. The friends and family would find out about our adventures when we got back.

Now, I can connect with my friends via Facebook and skype with my family on a weekly basis. You can see my photos online the same day I took them. People read my experiences on my blog. I sometimes hear my friends say that it’s like I’m not gone at all. It often feels that way. But no matter how easy it is to talk to people, there is no substitute for real contact.

Creating new groups

Creating new groups

Sometimes, life out of a backpack gets lonely. This mostly happens to me in the moments I’m down. I really start to miss people, really need a big hug. Most of the times though, I don’t miss my family, I don’t miss my boyfriend. As long as I am busy, I really don’t have time to miss anyone, no matter how much I care about them. The other side of the world really doesn’t seem all that far away.

But how can you say you don’t miss the people you love? I am not homesick and have only experienced it on very few occasions. I am so happy where I am and I don’t want to give it all up for the people I love. Am I selfish? Maybe. Mostly I’m just happy and I hope the people I love are too.


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