Tasting Australia

Lake Hart is a small salt lake in the Eyre basin that lies along the Stuart highway. It might be small compared to its bigger brother, but it’s very impressive to see and it seems endless. There are plenty of salt lake around Australia and you just have to visit one while you’re there. Just pick one!


Lake Hart is in a special area near Woomera that is a nuclear danger zone. Nice to know right! Nobody really knows what’s going on in this area, but there are warning signs all around the lake. The one I encounter says not to pick up suspicious items, they could still explode. This is the area where they test weapons, launch rockets and do all sorts of other experiments.

Warning... warning...

Warning… warning…

To get to the lake you have to cross some train tracks. When I was there, it was one massive plate of salt, stretching all the way to the horizon. In places it is supposedly 80cm thick! The beginning shows cracks in the salt and if you drop to your knees you’ll get a bit wet. This used to be a place where they extracted salt, but now you can only see the remains of the pier.

Apart from taking photos, running around and throwing boomerangs, there is one thing you shouldn’t miss: taste the lake. I can tell you it’s really salty and if you’re up for it you could bring the tequila and the lime!


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