Hermanus, home to South Africa’s whales

About 1,5 hours driving from Cape Town is a top whale watching spot in South Africa: Hermanus. The sea near Hermanus is deep fairly close to the land and that’s why it’s a perfect spot for whales. If you’re truly lucky you could see one at 5m distance. Being slightly less lucky I saw a few whales a bit further in the water. I wasn’t on a boat though, just walking along the shore. Some were spraying water into the air. Others were jumping and showing off their ballet skills. If only I had binoculars and a tele lens.

The whale watching season is from July through to November, but the best months are September, October and November. Since Hermanus is a breeding place for Southern Rights whales, there are usually whales present and they’ll stay for a little while. Besides this, Hermanus is a lovely town with some cool shops. The coast line is beautiful, with waves crashing into the big cliffs. There is a cool rocky beach to explore and a big patch of grass to relax on. Bring a picnic and make a day out of it.



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