Quirky, quiet Quorn

Walking around in Quorn is like walking in a movie without extras. The streets are super wide, massive, empty and dusty. It’s like a movie has been filmed here and the set has been abandoned. Several Australian movies have been filmed here, like Wolf Creek and Gallipoli. Don’t forget to go celebrity spotting in the pub. You never know who’s filming at the time.

With a population of around 1400 you won’t see a lot of people around. Most can be found in the local pub, which has some good food on offer. There is a public swimming pool and close to that is a park/open air museum with old farm equipment. Good for a wander around.

A notable feature is the railway that runs through town. Once upon a time it was an important railway, connecting east and west and north and south. Since some new tracks have been created, Quorn’s railway is just a tourist attraction.

Overall Quorn is just a very scenic stop on your way to the Flinders Ranges. It is worth a visit and can serve as your gateway to Flinders destinations.



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