Uluru at sunset

They say Uluru looks different every time you visit it. It’s colors keep changing with the light, from red to purple and back. So before you leave this national park, make sure you’ve seen a sunset or sunrise. On my visit the rock looked bright red, almost orange, during the day. As the sun was setting it turned more towards purple. There is a special parking space for a good sunset view.  Don’t expect to have it all to yourself though. This secret already got out and there will be masses of people to share the moment with!

3 thoughts on “Uluru at sunset

  1. Glad I randomly found your blog on my Reader! Hooked to the vivid photographs and your travel stories! The sunset looks straight out of movies… Following your blog now! 🙂

    • Wow thanks for the compliment! 🙂 It seems like we share the same interests. Getting a nice photo of Uluru wasn’t that hard. It’s such a pretty sight, you can’t go wrong there!

      • I’m looking forward to a lot more such photographs and stories!
        Hoping you’ll drop by my blog soon too – in fact have recently shared my travel wishlist from Oman 🙂

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