If you could switch lives, where would you go?

This is a question I’ve asked myself a few times. Wouldn’t it be great to experience someone else’s life for a while? To get a good idea of how other people do things? To immerse yourself into a culture in a way a normal tourist can’t?

In the Netherlands a television program exists where teenagers switch lives with other teenagers. This usually makes them think their own life isn’t so bad at all. I’ve entered a competition called the Big Blog Exchange. This competition isn’t so much about realising your own life isn’t that bad, because my life is pretty awesome, but about getting to know other cultures and seeing things from a different perspective. I guess it’s what I do by reading the blogs of others and living abroad.

All bloggers can enter the BBE competition and rely on the support and votes of other bloggers and readers. After a voting period, 16 bloggers are chosen to swap lives. So you could end up going to any of the countries where the other bloggers live. As you can imagine I would love to be one of these final 16! So here’s the obvious request, please help me get there by voting for me and telling all your friends about it. You’d do my a huge favour!


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