Three sisters trapped

I just got back from doing the Six Foot Track, but still had plenty to explore in the Blue Mountains. I walked like a wooden doll, sore from the long walk and it took some time for my muscles to engage. Luckily the three sisters can be seen from a viewing platform that’s suitable for wooden dolls.


Every guide book and flyer of the Blue Mountains will picture this rock formation, so you can’t really miss it. It is a big touristic area with shops and a cable car. The Aboriginal legend says that the three sisters were in love with men from another tribe, even though this was not done. When the men came to claim their women with violence, the tribe turned the women into stone. After the violence they were meant to be turned back to live, but unfortunately the man who was supposed to make this happen died in the battle. The women are doomed to be photographed by tourists forever.

The three sisters is also the starting point for several walks, some tough ones going into the valley, and some easier ones that have a very accessible path. The latter sounded better to my legs so I started walking through the rain and mud to several lookouts. The path passed a waterfall and eventually ended up near a cute little café that served a perfect hot chocolate. This was about all that I could manage that day and after a painful walk back to the YHA in Katoomba, I was happy to end the day on the couch, watching a movie. The YHA is a very friendly place and has everything you need. I can really recommend staying here. From here it’s an easy walk to the sisters and it’s a good place to start the Six Foot Track.

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