Crossing the harbour bridge

If you’re poor like me and don’t have the money to spend on climbing the Harbour bridge, you might have to make do with crossing it. Working in Sydney, I crossed this bridge daily on my commute to work and yet it never bored me and thus I set off to walk across the bridge in my last days in Sydney.

From the Rocks you enter the walkway towards the bridge. For the true experience you can go to the pylon lookout. Inside are several levels that explore the building of the harbour bridge. Of course you can also take the 200 steps to the view point, looking out over the city and harbour from 87 meters above the sea. Every two staircases you can find fountains to drink from and benches for a rest, so it’s even suitable for people who aren’t super athletic. At the other side of the bridge you can a beautiful park with amazing views across the harbour, but more about that later.

Some cool facts I found in the exhibition:

  • 18,000 cubic metres of rock facing were required for the Bridge project;
  • The pillars are just for show, they don’t actually support the building
  • Between 2500 and 4000 people were employed to build the bridge
  • The Harbour bridge was opened in 1932
  • The bridge is 1149 meters long

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