Wenworth is well worth it

Most people go to the Blue mountains on a day trip from Sydney. They arrive in Katoomba, take happy snaps of the three sisters, stroll around town and take a ride in the cable car. Although I love Katoomba, the Blue mountains deserve better exploration. I spent about a week there and still there is more to explore.

Take Wenworth Falls. If you’re based in Katoomba, Wenworth Falls is just a short and cheap train ride away. Once there, you can take the Darwin walk to a waterfall. Walk a bit further and you’ll see the impressive Wenworth Falls itself. From there the view is good, but there are more walks to explore. You can descend into valley following the rock walls. A trail called National pass takes you to even more waterfalls via dozens of steps. The walls are impressive, with water dripping down the colored sandstone.

It was windy when I arrived, cold, but with sunshine. The waterfalls were being blown away, causing a mist of water drops to rain down on us walkers. It also gave us some muddy tracks to walk on. What goes down, eventually comes back up, so the walk is not a leisurely stroll. There is a reason this part of the walk is called the giant stairway! It’s worth it though, since wherever you look, you’ll be pleased with the view. After all this exercise it was refreshing to sit down at the Hatter’s café, back in Katoomba. This place is a favorite of locals and we stumbled upon it by accident. The cakes are amazing, so be warned.


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