Rovinj, a gem on land and water

The beach town of Rovinj is a popular place for Dutch and German tourists during the summer holidays. One summer I found myself working on a campsite for a few weeks and got to explore this lovely town. The campsite was massive, located along the beach. A water taxi could bring you to Rovinj several times a day.


As I came off the taxi boat, I was greeted by a small local market with fresh veggies. The old town of Rovinj is quite small, so you can easily explore it on foot. Rovinj’s old town used to be surrounded by a wall, like a true mediëval town. Although the wall is broken down, the small streets are still a vibrant part of town. You can find all kinds of shops, restaurants and cafés along the cobbled streets and squares.

A landmark that can be seen from the water is the church of St. Euphemia. It’s location is the highest point in town and for a good view over the area you can even climb the tower. You need some courage, because the tower was built in 1651 and so were the stairs. At the end you crawl through a hatch and get a gorgeous view over town.

Of course you can’t go to Rovinj and not explore the water. There is some awesome kayakking, snorkeling, swimming and even diving to do here. If you’d like to explore the sea by yourself, you can rent a pedalo, bring your snorkel and mask and get out there. There are some cool little Island you can go to for a picnic. All I saw were sea cucumbers, but if you’re lucky you could spot some dolphins too.

Rovinj is a place of sunshine and happiness. The ice creams are amazing and shopping is fun. I can definitely recommend putting Rovinj in your travel itinerary, or even make it a destination on its own.



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