Tudu dudu dudu dudu batman!

You can see it in nature documentaries: millions of bats that fly out of their cave for a hunt. At the Mulu national park, you can see it for yourself. Almost daily, 3 million bats fly from Deer Cave in search for food.


I had no idea what to expect when I arrived at the viewing area. There are benches, organized in such a way they it’s like a performer could come out any minute now. Slowly the benches filled and people were just staring up into the sky. I expected millions of tiny batmans to fly right at me and that idea didn’t get me very excited. Since I arrived early I had to wait a while for the spectacle to start. At 17.26h they decided it was time.

It was truly spectacular and unlike anything I could have imagined. I expected a chaos of little animals flying in all directions to get to dinner. Instead I saw a perfectly organized string of bats flying high up in the sky, all in line. It started with a few small groups, and ended with a never-ending line.

The bats came out of several holes in the cave and all joined in. I know 3 million is a lot, but this seemed to go on forever. After a while the novelty went and so did I. I was exhausted from all the things I’d done the past days and was eager for my own dinner. Walking back I thought about all those creatures that had just flown out. They must all live in that cave. Were they all hanging above my head when I’d entered that cave during the day only hours before? Interesting…


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