Merchandise on the world’s markets

I always love visiting markets on my travels. From some I come back with a lot of merchandise, from others I return empty-handed, but with a mind full of impressions. Here are three extraordinary markets I found around the world.

First up is the market on Greenmarket Square in Cape Town, South Africa. This market is an awesome place to look for souvenirs. Haggling is required.

Next is a market in the small city Limbang in Malaysia. The city doesn’t have much going on for tourist, but on the wonderful markets I saw a beautiful part of daily life. This is where people get their meat, vegetables and other ingredients. Not so much a market for shopping, but one for surrounding yourself with culture.

And the last market I found in Taipei, Taiwan. This market was indoors and I stumbled upon it. I would never be able to find it again. One of the stalls sold all kinds of sweets and cookies. Even those look very different to the ones at home. I just had to buy and try some.

merchandise IMG_7192 merchandise2


One thought on “Merchandise on the world’s markets

  1. Wow! I really enjoy the atmosphere of Asian outdoor markets. The loud competition, haggling, and price negotiations, it’s almost as if you have a personal relationship with the vendors. Great post!

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