Talk about embarrassing!

I was so excited to go to Berlin. My parents drove me to the airport in Düsseldorf for a Ryanair flight to Berlin. Looking at the departure signs I could not find my flight. Hmm… I went looking for the Ryanair desk, but couldn’t find that either. I check my flight information again.

“Yes, there it is: Düsseldorf (Weeze) to Berlin (Schoenefeld).” “Weeze?” responds my mum. “Isn’t that…” Yes it is! I was at the wrong airport. And that while my mum had asked me several times if I was sure Ryanair flew from Düsseldorf.

At this time I had about an hour left before the check-in desk would close. Good on me for always departing well in time. Mum, dad and I literally ran back to the car and my dad raced to the other airport. See, the weird thing is, that even though they say Weeze airport is part of Düsseldorf airport, it isn’t really close to Düsseldorf at all.

My mum was trying to figure out how to get to Weeze from here, while my dad entered the highway. Eventually I was at the airport, full of adrenaline, 10 minutes before the desk closed. I was still shaking in the line for customs, but when I got to the gate, they hadn’t even started boarding. I think the trip to the airport took longer than my flight to Berlin. This is one embarrassing moment I hope never to experience again. Within my family they still make fun of it and it’s been 6 years!


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