High up a Cape Town icon

Table Mountain is the star of Cape Town. It doesn’t even matter if you meant to visit it or not, it is ever present. You might not notice it at first, when its surrounded by clouds, but whenever the clouds disappear, there is no escaping it. Table Mountain will draw your gaze towards it.


If you are in Cape Town, Table Mountain is worth a visit, as long as it isn’t high up in the clouds. If you’re keen you can walk all the way up. Alternatively you can take the gondola up and do some walks up the top.

I visited Table Mountain on a quiet Saturday morning. A lost cloud stood high in the sky, but his friends were nowhere to be found. From the gondola I could see all over Cape Town, a magnificent view. I was a bit disappointed to see how touristic it all was at the top, but this was to be expected.

Most paths are wheelchair accessible and thus immensely popular. Luckily it’s a pretty big plateau and some trails lead away from the crowds. After walking around for a while it turned out I was on route to Maclears beacon.

It was quiet and sunny and only a few people were about. The landscape was gorgeous, dry and rugged, with bright protea here and there. There were all sorts of little animals crawling and flying around, from frogs to lizards. My friend and I kept telling each other how stunning it was up here. Having admired Table Mountain from town, the top brought many surprises.

During the walk we looked out over Camps Bay and saw the wine region Constantia in the distance. On the other side was Cape Town, with Robben Island in the sea. I think we spent about three hours up there, walking, taking photos and dropping our jaws. If one visit isn’t enough, it’s also a beautiful place to watch the sunset!



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