Off to ‘the other mountain’

It took me a whole season, but I’ve got it! The photo with the view…


Working at Coronet Peak, it’s just so convenient to just leave my skis up there and enjoy the mountain on my days off. Taking my skis down to go to a different mountain seems like just a task. And thus I’ve only been to the Remarkables twice this season. Even though I don’t have to pay to ski there, I’d rather ski at the Peak for convenience. And to be honest, I just think it’s a great mountain!

This day at the Remarkables was truly remarkable though. Since we’re closing in on the end of the season, everyone has more time on their hands and I got to ski with two workmates. I was lucky because the sun was out and a storm only forecasted for later in the day. So after a warmup run, we started hiking up from the top station of the new Curvey chair.

It wasn’t even too far up, but somewhat strenuous nonetheless, with skis on your shoulder and ski boots on. The view was amazing though. We looked out over the (almost) untouched snow on the other side of the mountain. After that came my challenge: skiing back to the ski field through the powder. I do not have much experience with ungroomed snow, so this was a nice change, although nerve-wracking.

But the day had a second hike, from the top of the Shadow chair. This is a well known photo stop that you can see in many brochures. Last time I was at the Remarkables it looked somewhat cloudy…

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So I was happy that the sun had decided to come out today. The view of Queenstown and the lake was amazing. Besides that, there was a kea bird posing for photos and flying around. It was a somewhat bumpy ride to the bottom for me, but I made it back in one piece.

I can imagine the Remarkables is an amazing ski field for people who like to ski off piste, especially after some snowfall. It has a lot of hiking opportunities So if you’re fit and up for a nice black run, this is the place to be. It’s also park heaven, with an especially built natural park, in which all the features are made with nature’s supplies. Now all I need is some courage and practise!


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