Exploring the south of the south

I’m done working! For now at least. I’ve got a small budget and we’ll see how far it takes me. I can’t wait to get my van on the road and start exploring. I’m kicking off with a loop through the south of the South Island, which will look somewhat like this:

The Southern loopHighlights on the road

  • About three opportunities to see penguins. One has to work out right?
  • Steampunk in Oarmaru
  • Camping on the beautiful Catlins coast
  • Climbing the steep street in Dunedin
  • Attempting the Kepler track (at least if we don’t get loads of snow)
  • Visiting part of Narnia at Elephant rocks

But there’s more: lighthouses, sea lions, boulders, ocean, beaches, seals, bridges, towns, waterfalls and teapot collections. And don’t forget about my van. I’ve been busy preparing it and now I want to make it my home. The only downside is that the hinges of the boot door have given up… Got to figure that one out. Part of the adventure will also be a Warranty of Fitness for my car. Fingers crossed that my budget won’t all go in that.

It can be beautiful during the day, but nights are still chilly. I wonder what cooking outside will be like and how early I have to go to bed to stay warm. After hearing lots of stories about New Zealand’s most horrible inhabitant, the sandfly, I’ve at least stocked up on the anti-insect spray. I’ve also heard people talk about seeing the Southern lights. I’ll keep an eye out, but this could be a tough one. Anyway, stay tuned, adventures are coming…


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