Serenity is just around the corner

Summer is coming! Well… it’s springtime and that means that it could still snow here, but there are plenty of warm, sunny days. In my last days in Queenstown I just had to get out of the house. I drove to 7 mile point. I intended to go to 12 mile point, but totally didn’t pay attention to the signs and just started walking. So it wasn’t until I was at the end of the walk that I realised I was walking through the 7 mile point recreation reserve. O well…


The walk was gorgeous. The area had one walk that led to Wilson Bay, a beautiful recreation area with stunning views. Besides that there are lots of mountain biking trails. This can make it confusing at times, but luckily there were heaps of signs saying not to enter tracks because they were meant for mountain biking. I went up and down through a forest and I smelled the pine trees. When I was around Wilson Bay, I found a beautiful pebble beach with nobody there. There was wind so the waves came rolling in and it seemed like I was on a tropical Island. The mountains in the background reminded me that I was in fact on a lake near Queenstown.

After my return walk, I drove a bit further along Glenorchy road, to Bobs Cove. A short walk takes you to the cove, with is really beautiful. There are a lot of walks around there too, but as Id done my walking for the day, I skipped those. This area is a really nice place to go for a bit of exercise or a break from town for a few hours.




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